Whites now being targeted by angry Tibetans (who’ve read a bit of Fanon)

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“Zombies, believe me, are more terrifying than colonists.” ― Frantz Fanon

There’s a new political creed and mantra in exile politics these days. A small, yet vocal, group of ethnic Tibetans – most of whom don’t speak a word of Tibetan and have spent most, if not all, their lives in North America or Europe – are now trying to convince Tibetans in Tibet and exile that aImage major root of their problems is not Chinese communists but white, westerners.

Apso has recently been targeted by one such rabid zealout who writes a blog called Angry Tibetan Girl. In it ‘she’ falsely accuses Apso of being a ‘white feminist racist’. While I’m proud to admit that I’ll happily love any bitch whatever their pedigree, breed, fur color, (like any progressive Tibetan male would) I doubt  Angry Tibetan girl is so open and ‘liberal’. Rumor has it that her hatred of whites (especially women with Tibetan boyfriends) stems from being lonely and single. Whatever the truth is, the day ATG marries a black or Indian guy and takes him home to Apa and Ama la, is the day she cannot be accused of  ‘kettle calling the pot black’.  In the meantime, let’s hope she keeps up those Sunday school classes in Tibetan language and culture and that the progressive institution of the ‘arranged marriage’ comes to her rescue. Woof!

Sadly, this is not just an isolated incident. Recently on social media, a member of the Tibetan exile Science department angrily accused whites who come to Dharamsala of being imperialists who are ‘good for nothing’ ‘know it all’s’, collectively responsible for colonialism yet who try and ‘teach us something’. One such white imperialist scientist, who regularly attends and speaks at the ‘Mind and Life’ conference and ‘Science for Monastics’ program, had this to say:

‘Well, frankly the majority of Tibetans in exile know little about biology, chemistry and physics. That’s why I was invited. Now they’re calling me a racist and imperialist for doing so. Its confusing alright!’

Yet, this small minority of exile Tibetans when asked about the recent Tibet Film Festival poster (and its ‘cultural appropriation’ of the most famous ‘yellow head’ sex symbols, Marilyn Monroe) argued vehemently that is was art and a symbol of progress. Hmmmm (scratches head)….

One Tibetan tried to defend such views by saying:

‘It’s not that we hate all white people. We will happily befriend and welcome anyone who says ‘yes’, smiles and agrees with whatever we say, even if its blatantly wrong.  Even if the ‘yellow-head’ is a rampant careerist and Orientalist do-gooder, it’s fine too. What we won’t accept is anyone who dares to challenge us on anything!’

The Chinese government were quick to capitalize on this trend by issuing the following statement:

‘It’s true, white people are the enemy and must be defeated. They keep trying to convince the world that Tibet is a nation that they should have autonomy, freedom and human rights. We actively commend and support any TIbetan who criticizes these pesky, interfering, long-nose, yellow head, big eyed, too tall, white-faced monkeys. They should stay out of Chinese internal politics!’

  1. AJ says:

    I can’t work out if this blog is meant to be satirical or is just an outpouring of anger against individuals the writer happens to have had an argument with on twitter or whatever. It’s quite amusing that the writer doesn’t seem to realise a) that there’s a difference and b) that it’s obvious to any reader when they’re doing satire and when they’re doing anger.

    • lamanyonpa says:

      Glad you find it amusing but your comments here are more amusing. You clearly don’t understand satire and have no shame in promoting the fact. Do everyone a favor though. If you’re going to slander and attack people by name, make sure to use your own name and photo and don’t use some fake email address either. Otherwise you’ll just be a massive COWARD and your comment will be put where it belongs in the TRASH. I have some ethical standards to keep up here. And no that’s not satire that’s the truth! Woof!

  2. […] cultural relativist trend in the exile Tibet movement, which has been satirised on Chome Ringluk website, cannot be laughed off and sadly shows no sign of abating. On the one hand, while it is […]

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