Tibetans in exile desecrate Hollywood’s most sacred icon

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As a result of the post-colonial fundamentalist trend that is sweeping the non-white world, the last decade has seen an increase in Tibetans criticising those in their community who look like they are acting in a colonial, imperial manner.  No, not the Chinese, those ‘yellow head’ westerners554610_10201582451425307_865861004_n, stupid. Compulsory Tibetan-Tibetan marriage, procreation and eating Tsampa and wearing Chuba every day are policies now being considered by the Tibetan government in exile to prevent this moral and cultural pollution.  Exceptions will still be made for any Tibetan who wants  a western education, sponsorship, funding, visa or passport.  Use of the internet, scientific breakthroughs and mobile phone technology will also be allowed as long as Tibetans do not speak about their western inventors.

However, this week a group of Tibetans (who see themselves as ‘liberal’) took their adoration of all things western to a new extreme. The Tibet Film Festival launched a promotional poster featuring a Tibetan woman mimicing the pose of American sex symbol and icon of ‘yellow head’ beauty, Marilyn Monroe.  Reaction to the poster was divided.

Dr. Lobsang Sangay, the Tibetan political leader (a fan of Miss Tibet) was heard saying privately that he saw nothing wrong with the photo at all. That he had always secretly fantasised about Monroe and blonde, white women from his days at Harvard.  It is alleged that he even has a secret poster of Monroe that he keeps for private moments, although this could not be confirmed.  He was clearly influenced by fellow Harvard graduate, President John F Kennedy’s relationship with Monroe.

Tibetan Buddhist religious leaders (all monks), on the other hand, were outraged calling the poster yet another example of the degenerate West’s influence on pure Tibetan women and culture. Apparently ignoring or oblivious to the degenerate influence of Tibetan Buddhist culture on Tibetan nuns and lay women for centuries. These people when asked if they have heard of Freud’s Madonna-Whore complex, stated simply:

‘No, and I don’t want to know either. Women should be pure, simple and virginal before they marry or be mothers and wives. Anyone else is a filthy whore. ‘

Feminists called the poster out on its blatant objectification of women, with someone suggesting that if the organisers wanted to create something original and radical they should have pictured two homosexual Tibetan men in chuba stripped to the waist, kissing each other. Many so-called ‘progressives’ felt that would not be possible though because they would not be able to find models as:

‘Homosexuality does not exist in the Tibetan community.’

President Obama was asked for a statement on the desecration of one of the US’s sacred celebrity icons.  Obama said:

‘I’ll shake hands with President Hu Jintao, and meet the Dalai Lama the next day without any sense of hypocrisy or irony. But this is going too far, that Tibetan woman is no Marilyn Monroe and it is deeply offensive to me, my family and the American people.’

What will they think of next? The Tibetan exile leader as Bruce Lee? Tenzin Tsundue as Johnny Depp? Seriously though, it would have been more dignified, original and ‘cool’ to see two gay men kissing……now that would really have been something to get those self-righteous chins-a-wagging in Dharamsala! Woof!

  1. amie says:

    President Obama was asked for a statement on the desecration of one of the US’s sacred celebrity icons. Obama said:

    ‘I’ll shake hands with President Hu Jintao, and meet the Dalai Lama the next day without any sense of hypocrisy or irony. But this is going too far, that Tibetan woman is no Marilyn Monroe and it is deeply offensive to me, my family and the American people.’

    ….ok. Because this definitely happened of course.

    This could have actually been an incredibly interesting look at feminist discourse and construction of Tibetan identity in Diaspora community, which i am sure this photo is undoubtedly informed by; but instead it is full of the most blatantly made up quotes i have ever seen.

    • lamanyonpa says:

      Hey Amie, are you from Planet Earth?! Have you lost your sense of humour in all that po-faced seriousness, or what? This is a satirical website. SATIRE. Its not some academic journal for feminist discussion. You’re in the wrong place! However, if you could look beyond your own self-righteous seriousness, you would see that satirical analysis is political and feminist analysis at its best, just done with a sense of humour instead. Check out the most well-known satirical websites, do you see made-up quotes there? Yes thousands of them. Doh! Do some people really not get satire in the 21st Century?!?

  2. Kerry says:

    As a lover and supporter of all things Tibetan, including freedom of thought and creativity, I can honestly say I find this poster humorous and not at all offensive. Legs are just that.

    • lamanyonpa says:

      Kerry, like Amie you seem to be suffering from a serious sense of satire failure here. The article is a comment the hypocrisy and double standards on ALL sides in their reaction to the picture. The picture is meaningless and silly. It doesn’t empower or liberate Tibetan women in a practical, real way in the slightest. Anyone with half a brain and education can see that. However, that’s not to say the religious right/prudes/patriarchs who criticise it are doing so for good reasons either. Both sides on this debate are worthy of ridicule and exposure and that is what this article does. No stone is left unturned!

  3. Hypocrisy Outer says:

    How about two monks doing the clenched thigh business. The more they are guilty more self righteous they can get.

  4. stew oie says:

    That writing is definitely lama nyonpa’s. All of the things that you wrote are totally bullshit. Get your shit together and do a better writing next time.

  5. Krycha says:

    Again, I’m asking you, who exactly was saying these things about the poster being a ‘desecration’? Only lay men, Tibetan and non-Tibetan, were commenting on this being a problematic picture, particularly referring to the use of PANDEN.

    Tibetan women I know loved it. It’s hardly a descration.

    • lamanyonpa says:

      Doh! Khrystene this is a satirical website! noone actually said that the picture was a desecration of Marilyn Monroe its actually satirising the reactions to the picture particularly those who said it was desecrating Tibetan ‘pure’ culture etc. I can’t believe am having to explain this to someone in the 21st century. You have clearly missed the entire point here….what was it Einstein said about ‘stupidity being infinite’ again? woof!

      ‘Tibetan women you know loved it’? Eh? You can’t know many then. From what I observed on social media (and personally] many Tibetan women (and men] in exile disliked it vehemently and said so. Including one prominent member of the Tibetan Women’s Association. Which ones were you talking to?

      The Tibetan man from the Science department was SUPPORTING the photo can you read English?! He then went on to insult ‘white western yellow heads as good for nothings who try to teach Tibetans something’. so I was also exposing and mocking the contradictions in his beliefs. Maybe you need a class in understanding irony and satire?

  6. Krycha says:

    Also…. There are NO gays in the Tibetan community.

    • lamanyonpa says:

      Uh yes that was my point Khrystene……have you come across the words ‘irony’ ‘satire’ ‘sarcasm’ before? ha ha

      • lamanyonpa says:

        Also for the record apparently the photo was created by a bunch of wellmeaning but clueless white westerners like you who thought it would be funny. Yet again proving my point that many conservative Tibetans who say they don’t want to mimic western ‘yellow head’ culture or people are doing it all the time, particularly when it comes to the sexual objectification of women. Sometimes without even being aware of their own contradictory beliefs!

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