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Sadly, we Tibetan BuddImagehists don’t have a great reputation anymore when it comes to the treatment of our bitches (or should I say kyemen (lower birth)).  It’s all the fault of those pesky western and mongrel bitches who keep daring to tell us superior pedigree Tibetan males (bhumed = not female and higher birth) that women should have equal human rights and respect and not be treated like silly virgins, houseservants or prostitutes (you know, weird, colonial, imperialist, western, Freudian shit like that). It’s even got to the stage where HH the Dalai Lama is coming out with crazy, feminist stuff like ‘The next Dalai Lama might be a woman’ and ‘the world will be saved by the western woman’!

For so long, our male lamas and tulkus have told us to pray not to be reborn as women in our future lives. However, after seeing the way Tibetan females and children are being treated by the exile community in the 21st Century in Free India I think we need to change our pechas to praying not to be reborn as Tibetan females! Or if we’re going to go down the way of those crazy western imperalists, how about praying not to be reborn as sexist, misogynist, patriarchal, religious nutcases instead?! That would certainly reduce a lot of unnecessary suffering…..

First, there was the horrendous Tenzingang case where a Tibetan woman who was tortured and beaten by a bunch of hyper-moralistic, religious Tibetan goons, was then told to apologise and prostrate for her crime of being a woman, while the man (who she was having a consensual relation with and who was the father of her child) got off scot-free! To top that, this week, there was the alleged rape of a five year old Tibetan girl by two Tibetan adult males in Mundgod settlement in South India. The response of the community elders and settlement officers to such an appalling crime? Don’t bring a bad name to HH the Dalai Lama by reporting it. Words fail me. Such incomparable love and compassion!  These are just the cases we hear about as well…..

Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum……and thank f**k I’m not a Tibetan female!