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Our dear friends at Free Tibet London, have declared a pioneering new approach to the Tibetan struggle. On 29th July, Dave O’Carroll, Free Tibet’s website editor (who proudly declares himself ‘fecking clueless’ about Tibet if you ask him), back fresh in London after an all-expenses paid trip to India, launched a brand-new Twitter campaign against the arch enemy of Tibetan people, yes you guessed it, the people who run the website Tibet Truth. What is their crime? Allegedly publishing a story without crediting Free Tibet as the source (an accusation that the folks at Tibet Truth vehemently deny). Here are some of his Tweets:

Mr O’Carroll (and Free Tibet) are not only adding an unprecedented meaning to the words ‘common goal’ in the Tibetan struggle but, according to one Tibetan NGO worker in exile,  to the meaning of ‘the kettle calling the pot black’, they said:

 I feel like crying and laughing at the same time about allegations levelled by the English group called Free Tibet against tibettruth. I myself have seen Free Tibet stealing information from other Tibetan sources particularly International Campaign for Tibet and Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy. The most blatant one being the English translation of nun Sangay Dolma’s last note which was published in a British tabloid under Free Tibet’s name. Student’s for a Free Tibet had the grace to credit TCHRD for this translation. I think everyone should get this fact straight: Free Tibet is a “breaking news” service for the mainstream media. “Breaking news” by its very nature is vulnerable to factual errors. Free Tibet is not a research organization or a source that you can rely on with confidence. But we should credit Free Tibet for the things they do best, and that is, raising funds and selling slippers with images of Tibetan flags.’

Apso would add to that list, finding excuses for not going on street protests unless paid and going on expensive freebie trips to India, for ‘work reasons’.

A Chinesechinasecurity communist spokesperson based in Tibet had this to say about Mr O’Carroll’s latest Twitter campaign:

‘We would like to thank Mr O’Carroll and Free Tibet from the bottom of our hearts for distracting everyone from the real issue and wasting Free Tibet supporters’ precious time and money. Keep up the good work.’