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Apso read with interest about the Chinese media’s extensive coverage of Hurricane Sandy in the USA. Many Chinese net users were furious and satirised the CCTV’s neglect of a major civil protest at home (in Ningbo) and the attempt to divert attention by giving priorities to situations abroad.

One netizen wrote: ‘The entire world is aware of things in Ningbo, except that CCTV is not. But CCTV knows clearly about any single disaster in the United States. It seems CCTV aims to serve the United States. We can infer from it that it is a stooge for the Imperialistic America!’

Another netizen keenly observed that: ‘CCTV has sent so many reporters to the (disaster) scenes to cover the hurricane in the U.S. Some netizens wonder: why we did not see them work so hard on the thing in Ningbo! But others explain: (the news) is actually aired for leaders, because their kids are all there!’

CCTV also ‘forgot’ to report on the 7 Tibetans who have set themselves on fire in the last week to protest the brutal Chinese occupation and colonisation of Tibet. So, yes, China is the US’s stooge but seems like these Chinese netizens are also the stooges of Imperial China!

Look! Your house and those brave Tibetans imprisoned in it are on fire too!